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AAMS is committed to providing the highest quality service. Our collection system has been tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry. We maximize returns by mastering the art of effective communication, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and by “going the extra mile” to help patients find practical repayment solutions.

We are convinced that you won’t find a better collection agency to operate as an extension of your business office. Our goal is to recover money rightfully owed while working with your customer as if they were one of our own. If you are looking for a collection agency to manage your portfolio, consider entrusting us with your delinquent accounts.


SecondChance is a unique, second placement program that will optimize your revenue and provide a viable alternative to ordinary collection service. Our system compliments your primary agency(s) by re-working stale accounts a new way, to enhance your A/R process. We combine financial literacy education, effective communication, debt solutions, and collection techniques, to recover debt efficiently and in a dignified manner. Collectors are trained to motivate and encourage debtors to repay their debts as quickly as possible by utilizing creative solutions. By implementing these concepts, we intend to offer providers a profitable solution, and to remain among the best in the nation at recovering aged healthcare debt.

Once your primary agency exhausts their collection efforts on accounts, it becomes impossible to give aged receivables the same attention as new placements. By relisting accounts with us, both patients and clients are given another opportunity for beneficial resolution. Clients gain added revenue by using AAMS to resolve debts with a different approach, while patients get a chance to put your account behind them.

When accounts transfer to our second placement program, your patients truly benefit by receiving a SecondChance at resolving their debts. In fact, we’ve had much success getting accounts paid in full within the initial 30 days, using this “window of opportunity” before an account is recorded to the credit reporting agencies (if applicable), as leverage for faster resolution. Personal budgets can change over time, money is still owed, and you still have time to convert this aging debt to profits. SecondChance does not merely wait for consumers to experience positive financial changes in order to get paid – it equips consumers with the tools, motivation, and debt solutions to reimburse more of your bad-debt revenue.

See what all the fuss is about…                                             

give your aged receivables the SecondChance!