A Philosophy Unmatched

Collection professionals involved in healthcare receivables have approached the dawn of a new era – in search of a better balance between compassion and recovery results. At AAMS we strive to lead the way with our innovative consumer-centric approach.

Consumer-centric efforts can be defined simply as serving the needs of consumers. Our ultimate responsibility is to our clients’ bottom-line, and we believe that helping patients become financially responsible will produce the best results. To achieve this we offer creative and often overlooked resources to those who can’t pay, and budget advice to those who struggle. We strive to inspire those who are apt to decline through positive motivation.

We understand the emphasis placed on “compassionate-care” by healthcare providers and are committed to helping clients sustain that image. Regardless of a consumer’s intent or ability to pay, demoralizing individuals or using aggressive collection methods are not part of the service we provide.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards and our results show that these concepts are most effective.